This is a stereoscopic video I produced with my friend and colleague George Anagnostopoulos as part of a coursework for the school of Archiecture. If you have red-blue glasses you can see that it’s working. If you don’t have red-blue glasses, you can make yourself a pair here, The procedure is basic and you can have great results in just a few hours.






Find two identical cameras. This is the only hard part but if you manage to do it you will be grateful while editing.



Find a way to constrain the distance between the two cameras to 6cm (2.3 inches)/ You can use a ruler and tape or any other equipment you find applicable.


Start shooting your video. You can clap your hands in the beginning in order to adjust the two clips afterwards. Make sure the things you record are not getting too close to the camera (like in our video) because it wont work.


Edit the clips. There are many ways to overlay the two clips and adjust the colors to blue and red and it mainly depends on the software you use. (For Adobe Premiere check this tutorial,)


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